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Here's the one you've been waiting for! Music that kids will LOVE & songs that PARENTS won't mind hearing over and over! Not only does this CD feature a tasty blend of 50's Rock & Roll, Pop, Disco, Country, Marching Band, 70's Rock and Hip-Hop Music, the SINGALONGS will provide FUN and UNIQUE ways for young listeners to learn about the ALPHABET and NUMBERS! Get ready for a truly enjoyable listening experience unlike ANYTHING you have ever heard!!!  Parents are calling this "the BEST children's CD to come along in YEARS!" 

1.  "Once upon a Time..."
( The story of how they met! )

2.  "Shiny's Theme"

3.  "ABC's" ( na, na, you can't catch me!)

4.  "Dillee's Song"

5.  "The Laffing Song"

6.  "Rockin' Rollin' Numbers to Ten"

7.  "My Brand New Bubble Machine"

8.  "Rappin' the Silly Song"

9.  "Farm Intro"

10.  "The Farm Song" (the Worlds Hardest Singalong!)

11. "Help to Make the World a Special Place"

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a Sample of "The Farm Song"

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"Rockin' Rollin' Numbers to Ten"
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 "ABC's (na, na you can't catch me!)"
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