Once upon a time, but not so long ago, there lived two stars...the older was named "Shiny" and the younger was named "Tee Tee". They were both brothers. They both loved music and used to travel around space, singing and playing their music for other stars... and for planets too! (scroll down)




Meanwhile, back here on our Planet Earth, "Jimmee" the Gentle Giant and "Dillee" the Drumming Disco Dinosaur, would practice their instruments together all day long! They both loved music so much and hoped that someday, they would be in a GREAT Band with other GREAT Musicians, who would make GREAT MUSIC, that the WHOLE WORLD would enjoy!!! But who could they find to play with them???

night, Jimmee and Dillee went down to the lake and built a fire for a cookout. When all of a sudden, they heard the coolest sound. It was a FISH playing the saxophone! Yes, it was "Frenchee the Fresh Fish"!  Frenchee told them he loved music but had no friends to play with... Suddenly, there was a big flash of light! Out of the sky fell 2 STARS! It was Shiny and Tee Tee!!! Jimmee, Dillee and Frenchee ran to where they landed. Shiny explained how they were tired and needed to rest. They all went back to the campfire and talked for hours about their lives and their love for music. As the sun came up, they all agreed...they will form a musical group and it will be called "Shiny the Star and the GALAXEE  BAND!"

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